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6> MAY 18, 2020



<Internet Love Scam | Scam Alert & Advisory>

Internet love scam is one of the top 5 scams in Singapore, with the largest sum cheated in ONE single case amounting to about SGD2.4 million.

Principal psychologists for the Singapore Police Force have identified that people in their late 30s and 40s are more prone to be contacted by scammers through dating apps. The internet love scammers will choose emotionally vulnerable victims such as those who just ended a relationship. Before luring their victims, the scammer will create online profiles that make them more appealing to their targeted victims; whose profiles they have studied.

The modus operandi:

After victim befriends an attractive person online (who is usually foreign - where the male typically pose as entrepreneurs, professionals or military veterans), he or she starts a tale about falling into financial trouble or hard times. They may also claim to be detained by the authorities and request for financial assistance. The scammer persists using sympathy or patience to gain their victim's trust and adoration, and asks for money as proof of love. The victims will usually be asked to transfer a sum of money to a foreign bank account. Once the money is transferred, the scammer disappears.


- Avoid befriending or accepting friend requests from strangers from online and all social media platforms
- Fake dating profile - when poor grammar doesn't match their stated education level
- Fake photo sourced from the internet
- People who shower loving words and profess strong feelings even before a meet-up, or immediately after being acquainted online
- Scammers prey on emotions to lull victims into a false relationship.


- Do not reveal too much about yourself, particularly in the form of photos or videos, which could be used to blackmail you.
- Do not respond to any requests for money, even if they sound desperate or troubled
- Do not send money to strangers/ people you do not know well, especially if you have never met in person
- Meet all requests for money with a calmness. Be in control of your emotions knowing that it could be a scam.
- Call a trusted friend or talk to a relative before you act. You may be overwhelmed by emotions, which can cloud your judgement.

To provide any information related to such crimes, please call the #SingaporePoliceForce hotline at 1800-255-0000, or submit it online at

For urgent Police assistance, please dial 999.

You may also call the #Singapore Anti-Scam Helpline at 1800-722-6688 for scam-related advice.

Read real life Singapore stories to avoid being a victim of internet love scam:

Real internet love scam case on how a lady overseas lost USD500,000 as a victim of such scams. Watch to find out typically how these scammers 'operate':


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5> MAY 17, 2020


<Overcoming Depression>
Hong Kong actress and singer-songwriter Lesley Chiang Li-wen shares her journey with depression; and empowers those in her shoes on how she 'discovered' ways to help her on the road to recovery.
"If you are struggling, you are not is not wrong, shameful or crazy to be mentally ill. It's okay not to be okay. It's easier said than done, but look at me as living proof. I am mentally ill. I battle depression. I battle daily anxiety and panic attacks. And I am still a worthy, confident, strong, inspired and motivated <person>. I am proud of my battle and I will continue to live on ... to prove you can do it too..."
《National CARE Hotline: 6202.6868》
Help is available if you know of anyone who could do with some psychological and emotional counselling support. Please share this post with your loved ones, friends, colleagues - to raise awareness for those in need.
For anyone who needs specific help in the following areas, please contact the relevant organisations who can offer targeted help and advice:
[Mental Well-being]
- Fei Yue’s Online Counselling Service:
- Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline: 6389-2222
- Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
- Silver Ribbon Singapore: 6385-3714.
[Marital and parenting issues]
- Community Psychology Hub’s Online Counselling platform:
Violence or abuse]
- Big Love Child Protection Specialist Centre: 6445-0400
- HEART @ Fei Yue Child Protection Specialist Centre: 6819-9170
- PAVE Integrated Services for Individual and Family Protection: 6555-0390
- Project StART: 6476-1482
- TRANS SAFE Centre: 6449-9088

- Visit:…/call-these-helplines-if-you-need-emoti…
- Article:…/national-care-hotline-now-re…
Lesley Chiang Li-wen's video:

#SGUnited #SingaporeTogether #SGCares

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4> MAY 15, 2020


<Crime Prevention Advisory | Personal Safety Awareness >

Punggol field murder: A mistaken identity or a planned attack? Our condolences to the victim's family.

We are constantly reminded on "Low crime does not mean no crime." but how often do we take our personal safety for granted?

Crime usually happens when culprits find opportunities to catch us off guard, and when we are distracted or less aware of our surroundings.

The following are some crime prevention tips to keep yourself safe from harm when you are alone:

« Be alert and attentive to your surroundings. Avoid looking at the mobile phone all the time (with earphones).
« Be especially wary when someone walks up to you for assistance. If someone is following you, head to a crowded area; if someone is trying to get close to you, move away.
« Avoid wearing a lot of jewellery.
« Avoid carrying large sums of cash. If holding large sums of cash, keep them away out of public view.
« When withdrawing money at the ATMs, be on alert of your surroundings. If withdrawing a large amount, immediately keep them away out public view.
« Avoid placing wallet in the back pocket.
« Carry sling bags in front of body and ensure bag is fastened or zipped at all times.
« Always walk on the pavement along the road, facing against traffic. Carry handbag on the side that is away from motorists.
« Carry a shrill alarm to scare off the culprit or shout for passers-by attention during emergencies.
« If being followed, stay calm and walk towards a high human traffic area or call the Police for help. If possible, observe the suspect's appearance, attire, height, or any distinctive physical features.

« Never take short cuts through dark, quiet and secluded places.
« Walk in well-lit paths and areas at night, where there are human traffic.
« Avoid going out at night alone. If you have to, go out in a group or get someone trusted to accompany you.
« When returning home late at night, arrange to be escorted from a safe place, (i.e. bus stop, carpark or lift lobby) by a family member or someone trusted.
« If in need of night exercises, start planning for safer spaces and/ or routes within the 'view' of CCTV surveillance. Avoid secluded, low security or poorly-lit areas during the hours of darkness. Be extra alert of your surroundings. Avoid using earphones for music, if possible.

« Avoid looking the at mobile phone and stay alert of your surroundings. Be wary of strangers following you or loitering at the lift landing or void decks.
« Avoid entering lifts with a stranger. Let the stranger take the lift and wait for the next one.
« When entering the lift alone, stay close to the lift button panel. Press “Door Open” and step out immediately if a stranger rushes in as the lift door is closing.

« Never let your children wear expensive jewellery especially when going to school, playgrounds or shopping centres.
« Advise your children to avoid walking in dark or deserted places.
« Teach them to be wary of strangers and not to follow them; and to move away from strangers who try to get close to or touch them. They should inform their teacher or you, if strangers approach them in public.
« Invest in a shrill alarm for your children to scare off the culprit or to shout for passers-by attention during emergencies.

« If being confronted by a stranger who could endanger your personal safety; stay calm and take note of his or her appearance, attire, height, or any other distinctive physical features if possible. Avoid resistance to cause further physical harm. Call the police for assistance when it is safe to do so.
« Help to educate and remind your elderly folks about personal safety awareness. The elderly especially, are more vulnerable to greater injuries when they are harmed physically.

If you feel your life is in danger:
- Call 999 for Police assistance

If you are a witness to a crime:
- Call the police hotline at: 1800-255-0000 or
- Submit online at:
All information provided to the Police will be kept strictly confidential.

Educate your family and friends on personal safety awareness.

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3> MAY 9, 2020


FEATURE: Real Credit-for-Sex Scam Stories from


- Always be wary when befriending strangers over dating apps
- Never give away your mobile number too quickly
- Never give away your home address
- When they start asking for money, start being on an alert
- Never believe in sympathy stories too easily
- Never give in to threats
- Never give away your money
- Never give away your personal and financial details


Story 1:

Anonymous | 27 Apr 2020
Credit-for-Sex Scam

"I talked to this girl on LIne which I found her from Tinder. initially it was going smoothly, then she offered the services because she was a student doing part time job, needed some money, etc. So I went with it. upon meeting at the location, she said her “friend" will contact me to arrange the meetup. Then he told me to pay S$300 at the AXS machine via alipay top-up. AFter that he asked for more, giving other excuses. I felt fishy after paying 3k. I wanted to stop but he sort of threaten me. Once I've left the vicinity, the girl contacted me and then showed gruesome video of they threatening. In the end I was too gullible and pay another 5k worth of google playstore card. Unfortunately, I can't write much as I'm limit to 500 words. I can go all day long and list every details of how they scam and what kind of excuses given. I found out that the girls are around HK and they somehow manage to spoof their location in Singapore. Don't trust any girls providing LINE ID in dating apps. (eg, tinder, CMB, etc)."


Story 2:

Anonymous | 19 Dec 2019
Credit-for-Sex Scam

"I met the scammer while browsing through tinder. I didn't suspect her to be a scammer. Was talking to her normally, until she mention her services.after i mention where i stay. she was being persistent that i should visit her when i was free during the weekend. As soon as the weekend hits, i was supposed to go somewhere else for personal stuff but she was being PERSISTENT that i find her during the weekend. So when i went to the location which was at blk 532 ang mo kio. she told she needed my number so the manager can call me. when the manager call, he asked me to pay using alipay credit. i obliged. i DIDN'T know something was wrong until i transfer a total of $2700. after i fed up that the person WASN'T showing up,. i just IGNORED the calls from them. they started to spam call and message stating that they will hunt me down and mess with my family. while the girl was trying to convince me why i should pay up as it part of their "Quota" which is stupid as to why it was not mention at all. So if you got numbers that are from +852 and +34, they are most likely not in Singapore. 

Note to guys out there, never trust any girls who you never meet before in your life."

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2> MAY 8, 2020


Fake Covid-19 related job advertisements by Unlicensed Money Lenders (UMLs) posted on social media and online marketplaces | Crime Advisory from SPF

The Police is alerting the public to exercise with caution when taking up part-time jobs especially those promising quick and easy money. 'Candidates' were recruited by UMLS to 'harass' debtors, and NONE of them received any payment. Those who assist UMLs in carrying out loan sharking harassment will be arrested and dealt with severely under the law.

Share with your loved ones and friends. Do not let them become a victim of such job scams.

If you suspect or know of anyone who could be involved in illegal loansharking activities:
- Call the Police at ‘999’ or
- Call the X-Ah Long hotline: 1800-924-5664

Read SPF's full press release statement on what UMLs asked candidates to do.
Photo credit: SPF

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1> MAY 1, 2020


Police Impersonation Scam over Whatsapp Call | Scam Alert

A recorded video on a scammer impersonating as @Singapore Police Force officer asking for banking details.

The Singapore Police Force will never do that. Do not fall for it. It's a 100% scam.

Observe the '+' sign before the phone number - an indicator this call originates from overseas. The scammer had used the Singapore Police Force Logo to deceive callers and also did their research on Police HQ's address.

Remember never to give away your personal information, bank account details, login IDs, passwords, PINs, OTPs and NEVER transfer them money.

To provide any information related to such scams:
- Call the #SingaporePoliceForce hotline at 1800-255-0000, or
- Submit online at, or
- Walk-in to your nearest neighbourhood police post to lodge a police report

For urgent Police assistance, dial 999.

For scam-related advice, call the #SingaporeAntiScam Helpline at 1800-722-6688  or read real life impersonation scam stories at: SCAM ALERT 

Share with your loved ones and friends. Do not let them become the next victim of police impersonation scams.

Credit: Video submitted by a COP member

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